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The objective of environmental education in Taiwan is to cultivate citizens’ environmental literacy, enable people to understand the importance of environmental protection, enhance their awareness and appreciation of nature and the artificial environment, acquire knowledge of the natural environment and ecology, develop active environmental attitudes and behaviors, and acquire positive environmental attitudes and values, thereby facilitating responsible environmental behaviors to solve environmental problems and fulfill a sustainable life.

Current Status



The school is a venue to acquire knowledge. It is also an essential starting point to cultivate environmental protection concepts for the next generation. The school plays an indispensable role in promoting environmental education. Environmental education, including knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values taught by teachers in the classroom, profoundly affects the next generation. From kindergarten to university, from indoors to outdoors, environmental education can be accessed and promoted anywhere. The Ministry of Environment (MOENV) and the Ministry of Education have been working together for years to actively promote environmental education in schools. Various competitions and activities are organized to enhance students’ environmental knowledge, kindle their learning interest, and encourage them to further explore the environment. These experiences are crucial for students to be aware of the importance of environmental protection and to implement related measures in daily life.



Society contains a group of people. Promoting environmental education in society requires the joint efforts of government agencies and non-governmental organizations. It is difficult to promote environmental education policies in society by government agencies alone. Environmental protection volunteers are one of the most essential helpers to assist the MOENV in promoting environmental education. The volunteers' participation helps promote environmental education policies and concepts to every citizen in the community. The volunteers transform environmental concepts into living practices and facilitate people's recognition of their surrounding environment. In addition, through social media, environmental topics are presented light-heartedly and cheerfully. Environmental education is no longer a dry topic for the public but a daily activity. These measures raise public awareness of environmental protection and the effectiveness of government policies.



In the past, enterprises usually gave the impression of being profit-oriented. However, as corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes a popular topic internationally, numerous enterprises in Taiwan begin to focus on public welfare, which includes environmental protection. Recently, more and more enterprises have introduced environmental education and environmental public welfare activities in their CSR. In addition to energy saving, carbon reduction, process improvement, and energy-saving equipment, several enterprises endeavor to improve the environment. They actively encourage employees to participate in activities such as beach and mountain cleanups or organize various learning and exchange activities related to environmental education. To facilitate fulfillment of the enterprises’ CSR, the MOENV has given public recognition to encourage more enterprises to invest and participate in environmental protection and environmental education. The MOENV hopes that more enterprises will jointly engage in environmental protection in the future, as well as incorporate environmental protection and environmental education into their long-term planning of corporate sustainable development.

Institutions and International Cooperation

Institutions and International Cooperation

According to the Environmental Education Act, all government institutions in Taiwan should promote environmental education among all employees, thereby enhancing environmental education literacy in the public sector. The Act covers various perspectives, and it requires government institutions to be responsible for promoting environmental education. The action plan facilitates the cooperation among government institutions to promote environmental education in Taiwan, moving toward the goal of sustainable development together. Internationally, the MOENV continues to interact with international organizations and participates on resource-sharing platforms to access updated knowledge and exchange information. In 2014, the Taiwan MOENV, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) collaboratively launched the Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP). The GEEP is to promote environmental education and establish a global partnership for discussion and information exchange on common environmental topics. In 2019, the GEEP Asia-Pacific Regional Center was established in Taiwan to strengthen partnerships among countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Professional Topics

Professional Topics

The MOENV is the competent authority of environmental protection in Taiwan. Environmental protection covers various topics, such as air pollution prevention, water pollution control, waste disposal, toxic and chemical substance management, among other environmental issues. Numerous departments under the MOENV are responsible for formulating policies and strategies in line with the nation’s environmental policies and sustainable development goals. In addition, to assist the public in understanding the policy development and knowledge on various environmental issues, the MOENV provides considerable resources for the public to gain correct knowledge and concepts to avoid misinformation. Through information dissemination and disclosure, the MOENV also hopes to broaden people’s environmental knowledge, encouraging them to take environmental issues seriously and collaboratively work toward sustainable development goals.


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